ARTICULAR Research Outputs


Benyahia, B.;  Anandan, P. D.; Rielly, C., Control of Batch and Continuous Crystallization Processes using Reinforcement Learning, Computer Aided Chemical Engineering2021

Vassileiou A. D.; Wareham B.; Soundaranathan M.; Hartwig T.; Florence A. J.; Johnston B. F., AI-enhanced hybrid solubility models for aqueous and non-aqueous systems, submitted. 

Ottoboni, S.;  Wareham, B.;  Vassileiou, A.;  Robertson, M.;  Brown, C. J.;  Johnston, B.; Price, C. J., A Novel Integrated Workflow for Isolation Solvent Selection Using Prediction and Modeling. Organic Process Research & Development 2021. DOI: 10.1021/acs.oprd.0c00532 

Connor, L. E.;  Vassileiou, A. D.;  Halbert; G. W.,  Johnston; B. F.; Oswald, I. D. H., Structural investigation and compression of a co-crystal of indomethacin and saccharin. CrystEngComm 2019. DOI: 10.1039/C9CE00838A 



Chapman, P., When the art and design issues are becoming more and more complex, the importance of interdisciplinary innovation has become a consensus. In this context, many "new species" have emerged in our education. How shall we define these new disciplines? How to define the new boundary between disciplines? Or should there be the boundaries?, Symposium 1 New Species? In a Cross Disciplinary ParadigmTsinghua International Conference on Art and Design, China 2021.

Johnson, B., Digital Platform, CMAC Virtual Open Day, 2020. 

Presentation of ARTICULAR research - The British Sarcoma Group, National Sarcoma Conference, Glasgow 2020.

Chapman, P, The Future of Medical Visualisation, School of Simulation and Visualisation, Glasgow School of Art 2020.

Chapman, P., Invited Keynote for the 5th Art and Science International Exhibition Symposium, Beijing, China 2019.

Chapman, P, digital | visual | cultural 3 - models, volume, and digital 3D visualisation, Oxford University 2019.

'CMAC: Digital Update' - Prof Blair Johnston


Anandan, P. D., Controlling batch crystallisation process using reinforcement learning, CMAC Virtual Open Day, 21-22 Oct 2020.  

Portela, V., An immersive training environment for the assembly of an EasyMax chemical stirrer, CMAC Virtual Open Day, 21-22 Oct 2020.

Srirambhatla, V., Machine learning approaches to predict glass forming ability and morphology of pharmaceutical compounds, CMAC Virtual Open Day, 21-22 Oct 2020. 

Vassileiou, A., Combined AI techniques for particle sizing directly from microscope images, CMAC Virtual Open Day, 21-22 Oct 2020. 

Vassileiou, A., Solubility prediction by machine learning and a survey of solvates in the CSD, CMAC Virtual Open Day, 21-22 Oct 2020.